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Of Two Minds, by Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman

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The Minds Series, Book One
Princess Lenora and Prince Coren are trapped in their own worlds. Lenora has the ability to make whatever she imagines real. But she is strictly forbidden to do this by her parents and the laws of her land. Prince Coren has the ability to read minds. But everyone else can read his mind – meaning he can rarely keep his thoughts to himself. Princess Lenora’s parents want her to marry Prince Coren. But Lenora has a better idea. She runs away – only to find Coren still by her side. Their thoughts and fates have intertwined. Together they must fight an evil tyrant and forge a future for themselves…with one spirit, and of two minds.

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Imprint: Starburst

eISBN: 9781928014195

Print ISBN: 9781928014188

Language: English