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Carol Matas and Perry Nodelman

Carol Matas is the author of over 45 books for children and young adults. Her books have been translated and published in countries all over the world, including Russia, Japan, Germany and Denmark and have received over 100 nominations and awards. She has written two series with her friend and co-writer Perry Nodelman, The Minds series, and The Ghosthunter series. For more about Carol please visit her website here.

Perry Nodelman is author of four novels for young people, including Not a Nickel to Spare: the Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen in the Dear Canada series; and in collaboration with Carol Matas, two fantasy series for young people, the four Minds novels and the three books in the Ghosthunter series. He has also written three books about children’s literature, most recently The Hidden Adult: Defining Children’s Literature (John Hopkins University Press) and is the 2015 recipient of the International Brothers Grimm Award for research into children’s literature.